Website & Application Security Testing

Website & Application Security Testing


More than 70 per cent of all attacks are aimed at the Application layer. This service examines your web applications from coding and implementation flaws through to other issues like SQL injection and cross-site-scripting, involving active exploitation of vulnerabilities. Security testing is an extremely important – but often overlooked – component of website testing.

Having a website security check is vital since websites now play a huge role in attracting clients to your business and potential customers want to feel safe while browsing or buying online. Web Application Security Testing should be part of any organization’s risk assessment phase prior to launching live services.

Areas Covered by Web Application Testing

  •  Configuration errors
  •  Application loopholes in server code or scripts
  •  Advice on data that could have been exposed due to past errors
  •  Testing for known vulnerabilities
  •  Reducing the risk and enticement to attack
  •  Advice on fixes and future security plans

Typical Issues Discovered in an Application Test

  •  Cross-site scripting
  •  SQL injection
  •  Server misconfigurations
  •  Form/hidden field manipulation
  •  Command injection
  •  Cookie poisoning
  •  Well-known platform vulnerabilities
  •  Insecure use of cryptography
  •  Back doors and debug options
  •  Errors triggering sensitive information leak
  •  Broken ACLs/Weak passwords
  •  Weak session management
  •  Buffer overflows
  •  Forceful browsing
  •  CGI-BIN manipulation
  •  Risk reduction to zero day exploits

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