A Warning For CEO’S and Entrepreneurs


What is your view of the “hacking community?” Is it one of masked computer operators working in a darkened room or that of a white-coated laboratory technician? Well, your views of the hackers working on new products and “services” to steal your information may be substantially changed after your read this article. This article tells the “reality” of the cyber crime community and their “business models.”

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It is extremely important that we safeguard our systems so that our online and offline data is secured to the optimal extent. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day and you never know who is tracking your computer through hacking, they can access your bank account details, important passwords and even personal data can be easily accessed by them. Hence, protecting the system is mandatory, especially for official purposes. Important data is stored in the servers and many people from different departments access the data for accounting, back office, human resource, etc. for their daily work. Although you will find several software in the market and online, it has to be purchased and maintained in a legitimate manner.

Security is the most important aspect for any business, especially when the topic comes about network systems. Every organization needs a security system to reach their business goals. Physical & logical information security provides more secure environment in any organization and improves safety and productivity of every business. Network security and services in developed countries have gone really upscale these days. The demand for it has been increasing and creating an immense impact in the smooth functioning of any company. Today, virtually all organizations with physical and IT assets protect their assets in a variety of ways. Corporate assets may also be protected by the use of employee ID badges, software application passwords, and a growing number of technologies, from magnetic cards and readers to bio metric finger scan. The scope of security systems spans physical access, logical access, video surveillance and storage, identity management, etc.

Every business depends on the IT system it works on. Your system should run without any fault hence you need ensure optimal levels of maintenance. A well maintained system is always secured and stays up to date. It can help you avoid costly downtime too. It is important to get all your licenses in place. Your anti-virus software should be updated regularly, when was the last time you got that done? Regular updates will help you know the answers to such questions and help you control your IT systems properly. You need to make sure that the hardware and software of your systems are checked regularly. For example, if there are designers in your company, you need to make sure that their systems are equipped with top notch hardware and software. Online security threats can damage your business. As part of your IT maintenance, ensure your firewall and security software are doing their jobs right and always keep your virus and malware scanners up to date.

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