Best way to master LANGUAGE


Using Elanglab PASSPORT, a school or business can better approximate actual immersion in a language. It can create lessons that;

provide realistic exposure to native speakers of the language.

keep students involved by eliciting frequent oral and written responses to questions and cues, and by enabling them to interact with one another.

combine aural and visual experiences to familiarize students with important aspects of the culture.

It is the only product to receive top marks across the board from the leading professional organization (IALLT) in its last survey of language lab solutions => more value for your money!

Use Elanglab PASSPORT for teaching…

Any language, at any level, anywhere, for students of any age

Other subject matter, as a multimedia presentation system and a vehicle for paperless instruction in any subject with written work

  •  Give students oral practice as preparation for class discussion.
  •  Record and evaluate pair/group discussions in any subject.
  •  Deliver audiovisual materials on which discussions are based.

Monitor and help students more effectively

  • monitor and assist students as they work.
  • provide oral and written feedback to students (and insert new recording pauses for a student to practice things).
  • view a report that tracks students’ progress and time spent on each activity.
  • easily review students’ progress over time.

DaddyCool Technologies helps you to implement the best class softwares and applications for education sectors.

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